Disarmament and International Security Committee

Position papers will be due before 11:59 PM on October 17, 2019.
Submission instructions will be sent out prior to the deadline.

The current international security regime is in a state of disruption; with the existence of nuclear energy proliferation, the rising use of cyber weapons of warfare, the development of chemical and biological weapons, and the potential for an outer space arms race, the need for international agreements on disarmament has grown increasingly necessary. For this reason, the Disarmament and International Security Committee (also known as the First Committee) is focused on maintaining international security and stability by mitigating the expansion of existing conflict situations and preventing the eruption of new conflict situations through agreements on disarmament efforts, non-proliferation and arms control. The First Committee works in tandem with the Conference on Disarmament and the UN Disarmament Commission. According to its mandate, the committee works to address the following agenda items: “nuclear weapons, other weapons of mass destruction, outer space, conventional weapons, regional disarmament and security, other disarmament measures and international security and the disarmament machinery”. Beyond its specific focus on disarmament efforts, the Committee is rooted in an international commitment to maintain peace and security.

Note: DISEC will be a double-delegate committee.

Meet Your Committee Staff


Devansh Tandon

Devansh is a sophomore double-majoring in Business Administration and Environmental Studies. This will be his second TrojanMUN and his sixth year doing Model UN. Last year at TrojanMUN, Devansh was a Deputy Chair for the International Atomic Energy Agency committee, and he can't wait to chair DISEC in TrojanMUN 2019. At SCMUN, USC's high school conference, he chaired the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean. Outside of MUN, Devansh enjoys eating food, practicing Brazilian jiu-jitsu, and hanging out with friends. He is excited for the dynamic committees and diverse debate in TrojanMUN 2019 and can't wait to help make this the best TrojanMUN yet!


Spencer Estrada

Spencer is a senior studying Political Science. This is her second year staffing TrojanMUN and her fifth year participating in Model UN overall. Previously, she worked as an Assistant Crisis Director for the Joint Crisis Committee on the India side and looks forward to being able to chair a large committee this year. At SCMUN, USC's high school conference, Spencer served as a Co-Chair for SOCHUM. Outside of Model UN, Spencer enjoys aviation memes, going to the beach, and playing for USC's club softball team.


Phuong Nguyen
Deputy Chair

Phuong is a sophomore studying International Relations (Global Business) with a minor in Environmental Studies. This will be her second semester in Model UN and her first TrojanMUN! At SCMUN earlier this year, she was the Deputy Chair of the UNHRC. Outside of Model UN, Phuong works for the Consulate of Vietnam and at USC's Security and Political Economy Lab. She loves hiking, swimming, traveling, and making conscious choices regarding the environment. Phuong is excited to meet other delegates in the circuit this fall.