Democratic National Committee, 2020

Position papers will be due before 11:59 PM on October 17, 2019.
Submission instructions will be sent out prior to the deadline.

The Democratic National Committee is the formal body governing the Democratic political party of the United States. The DNC was created in 1848, and has the primary responsibilities of planning the party’s Presidential nomination and the Democratic National Convention, promoting the Democratic party’s platform, raising money, and generally coordinating support for the party. Coming off a turbulent Republican presidency under Donald Trump, and nearing the end of a race with many viable contenders to oppose the incumbents, the Democratic party has been faced with internal challenges and divisions like they had never seen before. In this committee, delegates will be responsible for healing these wounds, choosing a party nominee, and leading the party to new heights in uncharted waters.

Meet Your Committee Staff


Rachel Moten

Rachel will be serving as the co-chair for the Democratic National Committee 2020 (DNC) specialized committee. It is her second TrojanMUN conference and fifth year of MUN in total. She is a third-year student studying Public Policy with special interests in law and United States foreign policy. Originally from Chicago, Rachel has traveled to 42 states and 15 countries. Outside of MUN, Rachel enjoys salt and vinegar chips, true crime podcasts, yoga and is still mastering French.


Aarohi Mahableshwarkar

Aarohi is a senior majoring in International Relations with a minor in Natural Science. This will be her second TrojanMUN and her sixth year doing Model UN. Her previous TrojanMUN experience saw her in the role of Assistant Crisis Director for the 1983 Chicago World's Fair. Aarohi is excited to chair this specialized body and watch how the committee deals with issues Americans currently grapple with in our tumultuous and polarized political climate. Outside of Model UN, Aarohi spends her time working in a genetics lab, teaching science to second graders, and exploring the DLTA food scene. She looks forward to a fun and exciting conference!