Don’t Burst My Bubble: Dot-Com Crash, 1997

The World Wide Web is so much more than just a communications technology; it has permanently changed the face of personal, economic, and political opportunities. With its explosive growth in the final decade of the past millennium, allowing consumers globally to gain access to this powerful tool, savvy businesspeople have realized the potential of the Internet and capitalized on it for financial gain. Companies like Yahoo, eBay, AOL, and Palm have revolutionized stock markets, leading to enticing gains for small-time day traders and massive financial institutions alike. But, like anything else, human greed threatens to ruin things for everybody involved. Talk on Wall Street about the possibility of a speculative bubble around Internet companies has everybody in a panic, but worry not. Delegates from the public and private sector will put aside their greed to selflessly come up with solutions before things go from bad to worse… right?

Meet Your Committee Staff


John Hayeck

John is a junior at USC majoring in Cinema & Media Studies and minoring in Entertainment Industry. John has been participating in Model United Nations since his freshman year of high school, most recently serving as Crisis Director in the Sony Pictures 2014 simulation at USC’s high school conference and as Crisis Director in the Our New World committee at TrojanMUN last year. Outside of M.U.N., John loves going to the movies, writing creatively, working as a script reader, and spending time with his friends. He is extremely excited to meet all delegates at TrojanMUN this year and moderate all of their thrilling debate!


Justin Chang
Deputy Chair

Justin Chang is a junior pursuing a dual degree in Human Biology and Political Science. Although he is a pre-med student, he enjoy familiarizing himself with today's political climate, domestically and abroad. He has also been known to dabble in computer science, having attended various hackathons throughout his college career. Justin is also an active member of USC's premier service fraternity, Alpha Phi Omega; evidently, a large majority of my free time includes making sandwiches for the homeless population of LA and tutoring underprivileged students in the surrounding area. On a separate note, this will be Justin's fourth year of participating in Model United Nations. Previously, he served as an Assistant Crisis Director in SCMUN 2018, a Deputy Chair in TrojanMUN2018, and a Head Chair in SCMUN 2019. Justin looks forward to seeing all of the delegates' different debating styles and is excited to see where this committee ends up going, especially with all the exciting crisis updates and arcs coming up!


Camila Trejo
Crisis Director

Camila is a senior in the World Bachelor in Business Program, a joint triple-degree business program with USC, HKUST, and Bocconi. She has spent the last two years living and studying in Hong Kong and Milan. This is her eighth year of involvement with Model United Nations, and her second year of TrojanMUN. Previously, she was an Assistant Crisis Director at TrojanMUN and a Crisis Director at USC’s high school conference, SCMUN. She is eager to see this year’s level of creativity and crisis arc intricacy. Outside of MUN, Camila loves adventure, travel, Soviet era history, and conspiracy theories. She is very excited to be back in the LA area and can’t wait to help TrojanMUN 2019 surpass your expectations.