International Atomic Energy Agency Board of Governors

With issues regarding nuclear energy at the forefront of international debate, the IAEA Board of Governors has convened to analyze proposals for new nuclear energy programs and ameliorate existing conflicts. In this Specialized Body, delegates will take on one of the roles of the 35 member-states represented on the Board as they examine case files to determine nuclear energy viability in several states. During each session, delegates shall be presented with 1-2 country portfolios and asked to examine and debate their proposals. 

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Kali Croke

 Kali Croke is a Chicago-born, first-year graduate student pursuing her Master's in Public Diplomacy at the USC Annenberg School for Communication. Prior to her indoctrination into the Trojan family, she completed her B.A. in International Development Studies at UCLA (*gasp*). Little did she know her 8-year MUN tenure wouldn't end with the UCLA team; despite being a full-time student and full-time employee at an independent art company, the opportunity to staff TrojanMUN was irresistible. Kali has had many years of experience staffing MUN conferences and looks forward to an exciting IAEA committee for all.