International Atomic Energy Agency Board of Governors

With issues regarding nuclear energy at the forefront of international debate, the IAEA Board of Governors has convened to analyze proposals for new nuclear energy programs and ameliorate existing conflicts. In this Specialized Body, delegates will take on one of the roles of the 35 member-states represented on the Board as they examine case files to determine nuclear energy viability in several states. During each session, delegates shall be presented with 1-2 country portfolios and asked to examine and debate their proposals. 


Camelia Meftoul

Camelia Meftoul is a fourth-year student majoring in Civil Engineering, with an emphasis in Construction. She was born and raised in Casablanca, Morocco, where she grew up until coming to USC. Camelia joined USC’s Model United Nations team her sophomore year because of her desire to be involved in international political discussions. At SCMUN 2018, she co-chaired UNHRC, and is particularly excited to be chairing this interesting specialized body. In her free time, Camelia likes to travel, attend fun concerts around LA, and go on spontaneous adventures.