M.I.C.R.O., 2056
(Multinational Institute for Cybernetic Regulation and Oversight)

The year is 2056, and with the advent of advanced robotics, cybernetic prosthetics, and other human technology modifications, a whole host of new risks exist for the world’s population. Private companies and government-led research institutes have released cybernetic products that promise to do good – but also threaten the possibility of many evils. Thus, M.I.C.R.O. was created and convened to serve as an international forum for discussion and resolution of such concerns, a think-tank composed of leading individuals from the sector. Delegates will be tasked with both analyzing the events of the past decades and predicting the future trajectory of these products, to craft solutions that will best protect humans from their own creations. Hopefully, it’s not already too late…

Meet Your Committee Staff


Ryan Barr

Ryan is a junior studying International Relations. This is his first TrojanMUN and he is extremely excited to be the Chair for the M.I.C.R.O committee. He served as Assistant Crisis Director for the JCC: Italian Wars at USC's high school conference, SCMUN. He is excited to see what crazy stuff the delegates will come up with in this committee, and he hopes to make everyone's experiences as enjoyable as possible. In his free time, (which doesn't really exist) he enjoys playing almost every sport, soccer, volleyball, basketball, etc. He really loves meeting new people which TrojanMUN will be perfect for, so he can't wait to meet people from all over!


Ava Luthin
Deputy Chair

Ava is a sophomore at USC double majoring in Law, History and Culture and Linguistics and Philosophy with a minor in Playwriting. This is Ava’s first TrojanMUN, and the second year of her MUN experience overall. After working as an Assistant Crisis Director for JCC: Italian Wars at USC’s high school conference, she’s stoked to be up in the front room for TrojanMUN’s M.I.C.R.O. committee. Outside of the MUN world (if that exists) Ava loves working with kids in local LA schools, exploring the LA art scene, dancing in the SoCal sunshine, and reading just about anything she can get her hands on. She can’t wait to meet you all and make TrojanMUN a blast!


Jack Ralston
Crisis Director

Jack Ralston is a junior at USC studying Global Health. This will be his third year staffing TrojanMUN and his second term as a crisis director. Jack has been a member of MUNSC since his first semester at USC back in 2017 as well, and plans on engaging in politics and humanitarian coordination later into his career. This year, Jack hopes to directing a dynamic and immersive crisis and looks forward to seeing to creative arcs. He enjoys movies and video games, especially science fiction, and exploring the vibrant LA community around USC. Jack loves seeing the fantastic ideas of future TrojanMUN delegates and can't wait to meet you!