New Silk Road Summit 2019

The year is 2019, and the People's Republic of China has set up an ambitious new summit that aims to accelerate the development of the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). With the aim of increasing infrastructural projects and trade across Asia, Africa, and Europe, China has now invited representatives of numerous states to Beijing to discuss economic policy and forge a new future. This Specialized Body will host economic policy representatives from countries within the aforementioned regions as they discuss discuss all aspects of the initiative and use personal powers to adjust their national economic policy. 



Sebastian John Walter Young

Sebastian is a third-year student studying Physics with a minor in Law and Society. He was born near Washington, DC, but has since grown up in a series of foreign countries, including Thailand and Mexico. In the past, Sebastian has served as the Under Secretary-General of General Assemblies at TrojanMUN 2017 as well as a chair of crisis and specialized bodies at both TrojanMUN and SCMUN. He has also chaired at high school conferences in Southeast Asia. As well as being part of the MUNSC family, he is a Lead Editor for the USC Journal of Law and Society, a Trojan Advocate for Political Progress, a member of the Society of Physics Students, and is engaged in a variety of environmental policy, science, and technology research projects. An advocate for climate change mitigation and energy & water resource infrastructure growth, Sebastian can also be found hiking anywhere from Zion National Park to Mt. Zion in the San Gabriel Mountains, or critiquing popular movies and T.V. shows.