Our New World: 1893 Chicago World's Fair Directory

The year is 1890 and Chicago has recently been appointed by the United States Congress as the host of the upcoming Columbian Exposition: a world’s fair that is poised to outshine all other and cement the city as the pinnacle of American ingenuity and excellence. The industrial revolution has left the U.S. and the city of Chicago with more resources than ever before, but compromises must be made between glamour and efficiency. You have been appointed as a member of the World’s Fair Directory and over the coming years it will be your duty to coordinate an event that aims to truly bring together the world. However, corruption runs rampant, exhibits become more and more daring, and rumors of a mysterious new hotel have begun to emerge. It is up to you to not only execute an event internationally unparalleled but ensure that no country, corporation, or individual inhibits the progress of humanity.

Jacob Schwessinger
Crisis Director


Kayla Wehner

Justin Chang
Deputy Chair