Problemas en Paraíso: Juan Perón's Cabinet 1947

The year is 1947, and Juan Perón has completed six months of his presidency in Argentina. Perón is aided by a group of close advisors––mostly notably his wife Eva Perón. Together, the next decade will throw challenges at the new government that have been unparalleled in Argentine history. From ambitious economic development programs and the rise of political challengers, to foreign policy struggles between two superpowers at the beginning of the Cold War, the Cabinet will have a lot of challenges at hand. Perón may have the support of his people, but will he ultimately be able to revolutionize Argentina? ¡En Unión y Libertad! 


Harper–Final 1.jpg

Harper Hunt
Crisis Director

Harper Hunt is a fourth-year student majoring in History and minoring in Cinematic Arts. This will be Harper’s fourth year with MUNSC, and eighth year total involved with MUN. In the past, Harper has served as the CD of 1984 at TrojanMUN 2018, and has chaired at both TrojanMUN and SCMUN. As this will be her final TrojanMUN, Harper cannot be more thrilled to be part of this committee! Outside of MUN, Harper enjoys hanging out with her friends and family and watching Netflix.


Sarahi Juarez

Sarahi Juarez is a fourth-year student double-majoring in International Relations and Contemporary Latino & Latin American Studies, with a minor in Spanish. Sarahi is a LA native and will be going into TrojanMUN 2018 with 8 years of MUN experience. As a former chair and DSG of SCMUN, and former chair and USG of TrojanMUN, she is truly sad to see her MUN career come to end at her final TrojanMUN. Nonetheless, she is ecstatic to lead Peron’s Cabinet, as she recently spent her Spring 2018 semester in Buenos Aires, Argentina! Outside of MUN, Sarahi’s hobbies include a lot of Netflix, spending time with her family, and hosting cheesy rom-com movie nights with her friends!


Valeria Ortiz
Deputy Chair

Valeria Ortiz is a second-year student studying International Relations with a minor in Latin American Studies. She is originally from El Mirage, AZ and this will be her second TrojanMUN, as well as her second year doing MUN. As her minor suggests, Valeria loves anything to do with the political and socioeconomic state of Latin America, and for that is extremely excited to delve deep into the intricacies of Peron’s Cabinet. Outside of MUN, Valeria is a Tour Guide for the USC Admissions Center, and loves to read anything and everything, watch old movies, and visit all of Buzzfeed’s Tasty restaurants in LA (the affordable ones, of course).