Beneath the Mean Streets: Prohibition, 1923

With the onset of the new decade, the Volstead Act went into effect, banning the production, sale, and transportation of alcohol for consumption in the United States, setting into motion a shift in the social and political culture of the nation, with immense repercussions for the world of organized crime. The prohibition of alcohol opened up existing crime groups to the business of bootlegging, with the introduction of alcohol into the black market allegedly facilitating a spike in violent crime and increased successes of organized crime ventures in urban areas. But Prohibition was not simply a time for crime; it also signified a change in the social norms being applied to women, a change in the artistic diversity of cities through the emergence of speakeasies, and an incredible change in the lives of those whose employment depended on the sale and production of alcohol. Delegates will deal with large-scale crime operations, the proliferation of art and music, and the lucrative, tempestuous and uninhibited schemes we have come to associate with the age of the “Roarin’ Twenties.”

 Meet Your Committee Staff


Nathaniel Goble

Nathaniel is a junior studying neuroscience and philosophy. Born and raised in Huntington Beach, this is his second year in MUNSC and his sixth year in MUN overall. In high school, Nathaniel was a senior teacher for a lovely class of MUN freshman. Now, he is a chair for TrojanMUN’s Prohibition crisis committee where he looks forward to creative solutions and riveting debate. Outside of MUN, Nathaniel is a research assistant at one of USC’s cognitive neuroscience labs. He enjoys playing piano, reading books, and surfing.


Jon Flores
Crisis Director

Jon is a senior studying Political Science. This will be his 3rd TrojanMUN as staff, and 5th TrojanMUN overall from his time at College of the Canyons. Jon is the elected Old Man of the team and has worked in every position in a committee possible. He is looking forward to this crisis committee as it will be his last TrojanMUN. Outside of MUN, Jon is an avid motorhead that loves going to the gym, driving canyons and visiting the beach. He cant wait to make sure you have the greatest time of your entire life!