Puerto Rican Government, 2017

Position papers will be due before 11:59 PM on October 17, 2019.
Submission instructions will be sent out prior to the deadline.

This committee will be a meeting of various government officials of Puerto Rico in 2017, as it deals with the aftermath of the devastating Hurricane Irma and faces the arriving Hurricane Maria. Furthermore, other issues such as the Puerto Rican debt crisis loom over the government’s head. The question of self-determination remains an important one, as well as the possibility of statehood. It will be up to the delegates of this committee to navigate the crises at hand in a timely and effective manner, before Puerto Rico and its people fall into chaos.

 Meet Your Committee Staff


Zack Ali

Zack is in his fourth and last year at the University of Southern California, where he is double-majoring in Urban Studies & Planning (International Development) and Spanish. He is originally from the sunny Huntington Beach, California, where he began his life as a Model UN delegate eight years ago. Since, he has served as the Director of Team Training for MUNSC and the Secretary-General for USC’s high school conference, SCMUN. He is also an active member of USC Troy Camp, the university’s oldest student philanthropic organization that takes students from the surrounding community to summer camp. Zack’s passion for this topic and this committee stems out of his interest in Latin America as a Spanish major, and was inspired by his time studying the effects of colonialism and development while abroad in Santiago, Chile his junior year. He is extremely excited for this committee, and hopes that it brings a newfound perspective on the United States relationship with Puerto Rico for all delegates. When Zack is not planning a conference or prepping for one, he loves to binge his favorite Spanish TV shows, eat his way through Los Angeles, or make references to tweets no one knows.


Erica Fusté

Erica is a sophomore studying Philosophy, Politics, and Law with a minor in International Relations and Psychology. This will be her second TrojanMUN, and her eighth year doing Model UN overall. In her previous TrojanMUN experience, Erica worked as an Assistant Crisis Director for the Ad-Hoc Committee, and can’t wait to chair a committee based on the government of her hometown. Erica also served as co-chair for ECLAC at USC’s high school conference, SCMUN. When not doing Model UN, Erica loves to eat french fries and sleep. She can’t wait for TrojanMUN 2019!