Position papers will be due to ga@trojanmun.org by 11:59 PM on October 14, 2018.

Social, Cultural, and Humanitarian Committee

The Third Committee of the United Nations General Assembly (SOCHUM) focuses on issues relating to culture, societal development, and human rights. As one of the most pivotal committees of the UNGA, SOCHUM will offer delegates the opportunity to debate some of our planet's most pressing humanitarian concerns. Each topic will encompass multiple dimensions that will not only encourage discourse but drive change. 



Sydney Ahmed

Sydney Ahmed is a third-year at USC double-majoring in Economics and English Literature. She has staffed crisis and GA committees at past TrojanMUNs. Through her work with the USC Levan Institute for Humanities and Ethics, Sydney heads the Global Women's Narratives Project. Her other campus involvement includes working with the USC Consulting Club as well as competing in conferences with MUNSC. With over 15 years of classical ballet training, Sydney has travelled to Germany and China to train and further her dance education. A native to Southern California her whole life, Sydney enjoys the beach and holds an extreme love for key lime pie. 


Divya Narayanan

Divya Narayanan is a second-year at USC majoring in biomedical engineering. She has participated in Model United Nations all throughout high school and college; she has been a member of the crisis staff for Knights of the Round Table at TrojanMUN 2017 and served as the Co-Chair of SOCHUM at SCMUN 2018. Along with Model United Nations, Divya is also the External Relations Director for USC’s 3-D Printing Organization, 3D4E, and a part of the Center for Artificial Intelligence’s Student Branch. In her free time, she enjoys writing down her awkwardly emotional revelations, binge watching sitcoms, and reading 20th century fiction.