United Nations Security Council, 1993

Position papers will be due before 11:59 PM on October 17, 2019.
Submission instructions will be sent out prior to the deadline.

Topic: The Situation in Armenia and Azerbaijan (Nagorno-Karabakh Conflict)

As one of the six principal organs of the United Nations, the Security Council stands as one of the few international bodies that are permitted to take binding action against countries that threaten international stability and peace. Comprised of 5 permanent members along with 10 rotating members representing a variety of regions, this committee stands at the pinnacle of modern diplomacy. The body is capable of taking action from authorizing UN peacekeeping forces to recommending economic sanctions, needless to say it is arguably the most influential area of the United Nations. This committee will function as a specialized committee.

Note: UNSC will be a double-delegate committee, without crisis notes. However, crisis updates will be provided as committee progresses. 

 Meet Your Committee Staff


Alyssa Yoder

Alyssa is a third-year student majoring in Business Administration and minoring in Law and Society. She is from Orange County, California and has lived throughout the area for her whole life. Alyssa has been an active participant in Model United Nations for seven years, traveling nationally and internationally to compete. She has served as the Chair of New Silk Road at TrojanMUN 2019, a Chair of ECOFIN at SCMUN, and was the Director-General of SCMUN 2019. Outside of MUN, Alyssa loves finding good eats, traveling to concerts and festivals, and surfing in her hometown.


Vera Zhao
Deputy Chair

Vera is a sophomore double majoring in Law, History and Culture and Communications, and minoring in Business Law. This will be her second TrojanMUN, and her fifth year doing Model UN overall. In her previous TrojanMUN experience, Vera worked as an Assistant Crisis Director, and is looking forward to a Deputy Chair experience for TrojanMUN 2019. Vera also served as Deputy Chair for ECOFIN at USC's high school conference, SCMUN. When not doing Model UN, Vera enjoys exploring the restaurants in LA and playing the piano. She cannot wait to meet all the delegates and make TrojanMUN 2019 a memorable experience.


Matthew Bagdasar
Crisis Director

Matthew is a senior majoring in Political Science and minoring in Middle Eastern Studies. He transferred to USC as a junior, and loves everything LA has to offer. This will be his second TrojanMUN as he was an ACD for Peron's Cabinet last year. He is rather new to MUN, but has had a fantastic first year on the circuit thus far. He had the pleasure of serving as a Chair for the FAO committee at SCMUN, and looks forward to serving as the CD for UNSC this year. This committee is especially important to him as he is part Armenian and has followed this conflict closely. When he is not participating in MUN or studying, he loves to watch the San Diego Padres and go out with friends. He looks forward to hearing all of the unique and creative solutions you have set up in order to deal with this conflict.